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Sue introduced me to Yoga which I now absolutely love. Sue’s classes are friendly, warm hearted, lovely space to relax and enjoy the session. Sue always takes time to help with poses. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone. ~ Michelle

After being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at such a young age, I was feeling really down about my health and fitness. Yoga with Sue has given me a new perspective on this and life in general, I can’t get enough! Thank you, Sue, for being so warm and accommodating. I’m so happy that Yoga is now a part of my lifestyle 🙂 ~ Lucy

I have just completed my 5th class, since starting Sue has been very welcoming and encouraging giving me confidence to progress. Sue adapts to all level’s considering us all. I really look forward to the classes and wish I had started Yoga years ago. Thank you Sue for all your support. ~ Nicky

I’m 52 years old and have always taken part in very active exercise classes and always laughed at yoga! I hurt my back a good few years ago and found every time I tried the active classes my back would be terrible. I laughed again when someone suggested yoga. I met Sue and decided to try it. I’m converted I love yoga it doesn’t hurt my back if anything it helps and Sue is such a fantastic coach. Also yoga is the most strenuous activity class I’ve ever taken part on but in a completely and non invasive way. Never ever again would I laugh again at yoga. ~ Mandy Haines

I would like to say how helpful Sue’s class has been in helping with joint pain following chemotherapy. Sue is happy to offer alternative moves to suit all conditions. Highly recommend her classes. ~ Joyce Mark

I have been going to Sues classes for quite some time now with my Mum and we both look forward to them every single week. Sue makes yoga accessible for everyone of every ability and tailors her classes to each individuals needs always taking time to help individuals with poses. Her classes are very friendly, relaxing and as challenging as you want them to be. I would highly recommend Sue as a teacher if you’re interested in yoga, want to try something new or simply just wanting a little relaxation time for yourself. ~ Laura Nicoll

Sue is a lovely teacher and her classes are warm and friendly. Always a great class. ~ Barbara

After completing a couple of Sue’s courses now I can honestly say I am feeling the benefit. The classes are mixed ability and even tho I am a beginner Sue helps everyone to reach their full potential. Sunday morning class 9am is a bit of a shock to the body but much needed and I leave feeling more supple n bendy and always with a smile. Thank you Sue.Heather Witney

Yoga is a new experience for me. I love exercise but don’t generally love exercise classes! However, from the moment you walk into the room, you are aware that this is something different; something special. Sue has a calmness about her, whilst at the same time being full of fun and completely realistic. She is passionate about practising yoga and about the many benefits it brings, at any age. I look forward to going each week, and know that she will guide me through what is right for me. It’s a great feeling! ~ Gail Smith